Testing Code

Once you've programmed a game or other bit of data for SNES, you'll probably want to try to, well, test it.


Although for most software these choices are, mostly, about preference. Most games which require Expansion Chips other than the DSP-1 may require less than favorable methods of testing (either emulation or reproduction cartridge).



65c816 Code Snippets

65c816 Code Snippets

Hopefully useful code snippets for the 65c816.


Unsigned 16bit * 8bit Operation / 符号無し16bit*8bit演算

; 符号無し16bit*8bit演算
; Unsigned 16 bits * 8 bit operation
; $00,$01に被乗数、$02に乗数をセットして呼び出すと
; When you call by setting the multiplicand to $ 00 ...

How to Write to DSP Registers Without any SPC-700 Code

How to Write to DSP Registers Without any SPC-700 Code


ca65 manual_dsp.s
ld65 -C lorom128.cfg -o manual_dsp.smc manual_dsp.o


# ca65 linker config for 128K SMC

# Physical areas of memory
# Names need not match, but it makes it easier to remember if they do.
    ZEROPAGE:   start =      0, size =  $100;
    BSS:    ...

ASM Tutorial Part 1

So... you want to make a block that freezes Mario only when he's small? Or perhaps make a block that kills him if he has zero coins because you've played through SMW and well, there are no more gimmicks? Well... with ASM, you can easily create these type of blocks - ASM basically lets you do custom programming and add hacks to your rom. It's going to be fun to add custom stuff to your hack, isn't ...

ASM Tutorial Part 2

Are you familiar with all the previous lessons yet? If so, that's great.. with all of that knowledge, you can do a lot of cool stuff - but you can always get better at ASM and make awesome stuff by learning more. So here's Part 2 of the tutorial, which for now only explains a bit of intermediate stuff. Don't worry, everything will be explained easily.

Lesson 6: Indexing

So... you know ...


As stated in the title, this document try to document the S-DD1 chip's algorithm and, up to certain point, the chip itself, but you have to take in mind that the main target is to describe the algorithm, not his implementation. Due to that, there are details that obviously have to be present in a real chip but that are "abstracted" in some parts of this document, like internal FIFO buffe ...



PHP is a mnemonic for an instruction that pushes the lowest 8 bits of the of the P register to the stack. An immediate consequence of this is that there is no specific instruction for pushing the emulation (9th) bit of P. XCE is the only instruction capable of switching back and forth between native and emulation mode.



PHP and **PLP ...

Markdown Cheat Sheet

# Header 1 #
## Header 2 ##
### Header 3 ###             (Hashes on right are optional)
#### Header 4 ####
##### Header 5 #####

## Markdown plus h2 with a custom ID ##         {#id-goes-here}
[Link back to H2](#id-goes-here)

This is a paragraph, which is text surrounded by whitespace. Paragraphs can be on one 
line (or many), and can drone on ...

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X3

Decompression Routine

People always assume "OMG MMX3! this game uses a C4 chip, the C4 chip does the decompression blah blah blah" well I proved them WRONG! C4 chip is ONLY responsible for OpenGL-lik ...