Capcom Cx4 - Hitachi HG51B169

[[!redirects CX4]] [[!redirects C4]] A DSP chip from Capcom; it is actually a Hitachi HG51B169 as confirmed by decapping. There are 1024K words of 24-bit instructions, running as 20.000MHz. and it is used in 2 games:

Expansion Chips

[[!redirects Expansion Chips (Meta)]] This section is for SNES Expansion chips found in various games.

[[Super FX]]

[[Capcom Cx4 - Hitachi HG51B169]]

[[DSP-n]] Series

  • DSP-1
  • DSP-2 / Dungeon Master
  • DSP-3 / [SD Gundam GX](http://super ...

Testing Code

[[!redirects Running your programming on Hardware]]

Once you've programmed a game or other bit of data for SNES, you'll probably want to try to, well, test it.


Although for most software these choices are, mostly, about preference. Most games which require [[Expansion Chips]] o ...