Emulation History

The decompression was completely cracked on Saturday, July 19th, 2008.

[[DecompTest0.c:file]] [[DecompTest1.c:file]] [[DecompTest2.c:file]]

SPC7110 Info, Reverse Engineered by & (c) Dark Force 

New data added by The Dumper 

SPC71 ...

Expansion Chips

[[!redirects Expansion Chips (Meta)]] This section is for SNES Expansion chips found in various games.

[[Super FX]]

[[Capcom Cx4 - Hitachi HG51B169]]

[[DSP-n]] Series

  • DSP-1
  • DSP-2 / Dungeon Master
  • DSP-3 / [SD Gundam GX](http://super ...


Reading a CIC

D - through hole mounted

F - surface mounted (SuperFX, OBC1, maybe others)

411 - NTSC

413 - PAL

A / B - revision

Known CICs

  • D411 (NTSC carts)
  • D411A (NTSC carts)
  • D411B (NTSC carts)
  • D413 (PAL carts)
  • D413A (PAL carts)
  • D413B (PAL carts ...