Super Wild Card

Hardware Specification to SWC & SMC Programmer Only

  1. DRAM - 28 Mega Bits Maximum Available.
  2. SRAM - 256K Bits. (Battery Backup)
  3. ROM - 128K Bits. (Firmware)
  4. Floppy Drive Interface
  • Motorola MCS3201 Chip. (NEC 765a Compatible)
  • Compatible With IBM PC/at and XT Disk Drive Syst ...

Super Disc (Meta)

The first SNES CD hardware by Sony.

Technical Documentation

[[SuperDisc Memory Map]]

[[SuperDisc Registers]] ...

Expansion Chips

[[!redirects Expansion Chips (Meta)]] This section is for SNES Expansion chips found in various games.

[[Super FX]]

[[Capcom Cx4 - Hitachi HG51B169]]

[[DSP-n]] Series

  • DSP-1
  • DSP-2 / Dungeon Master
  • DSP-3 / [SD Gundam GX](http://super ...

SuperDisc Memory Map

Documentation based on byuu's findings.

Super Disc System Cartridge

$00-7D:8000-FFFF: BIOS ROM
$80-87:8000-FFFF: Expansion RAM (128KiB)
$90   :8000-9FFF: CMOS Backup RAM (8KiB)



About the Super Nintendo Development Wiki

Welcome to the SNES Development wiki. For many years information has been literally scattered across the world, in old text files, in aging and now disappearing web sites, in dead forums, in some wiki's that never quite made it happen, in books... b ...

Testing Code

[[!redirects Running your programming on Hardware]]

Once you've programmed a game or other bit of data for SNES, you'll probably want to try to, well, test it.


Although for most software these choices are, mostly, about preference. Most games which require [[Expansion Chips]] o ...

SA-1 Registers

SA-1 Write Registers

Register Address Name Notes
SA-1 CPU Control ...

Game-specific Hacking Tools (Meta)

:category: game-specific

This is a list of some Game-specific Hacking Tools that have been released through the ages.

(This list will probably be most helpful if we can get the obvious stuff out of the way and find some of the more obscure game-specific tools that may have nearly gotten lost.) ...

Nintendo Music Format (N-SPC)

N-SPC Player is a common SPC player included in many SNES games. The actual player N-SPC itself seems to vary slightly from game to game. Secret of Mana's internal music format can be thought of as a counterpart to N-SPC, as can [Seiken Densetsu 3]( ...

Satellaview Download Data

Super Famicom Channel Map (Hardware Channel $0124)

Download Header

(Goes to $7E9A34)
$00-$01 : Unused.
$02 : Unknown (Copies to RAM $1411)
$03-$04 : 16-bit Big Endian Data Size (Copies to RAM $140F in Little Endian)

Channel Map Header

(Goes to $ ...


15-Bit BGR Format

The Super Nintendo / Super Famicom stores it's palette in 512 bytes in a 15-bit BGR format. Each BGR word is 2 bytes, thus it is 512 bytes for 256 colors (256 x 2). The format for each BGR word looks like this:


Bit 15 is unused and should be set ...

Satellaview AV selector

Satellaview AV Selector

The satellaview AV selector was conceived in order to prepare the decoded satellite signal for the satellaview, prevent the super famicom from monopolizing the TV's AV input, and allow for the use of a second BS decoder along with the one provided by ST. Giga. As is eviden ...

Game Doctor

Bung Game Doctor SF3, SF6, SF7 Headers

Version 1.0 - Copyright 2003: The Dumper

The Game Doctor SF3/SF6/SF7 backup units for the SNES use a 512 byte header.

The format is as follows (all numbers are hexadecimal):


`47 41 4D 45 20 44 4F 43 54 4F 52 20 53 46 20 33 ...

Using DMA Effectively

So you're making a Super Nintendo game, (or demo) and you run into a problem. You want to animate sprites and BG tiles, but you ran out of v-blank time with all the heavy DMAing you're doing. What this tutorial covers is how to avoid the dreaded v-blank limit, without blowing your brains out with ...


SA-1 (Expansion Coprocessor Chip)


The SA-1 is a coprocessor capable of running at four times the base speed of the SNES main CPU when access does not conflict with that of SNES CPU, DMA or HDMA processing. It provides ad ...

Setting Up a Programming Environment

Before you dive into writing Super Nintendo programs, you need the necessary utilities and other things that will simplify your journey of learning how to program this beast.


  1. One great assortment of files was gathered by Qwertie, it contains documents on the cpu, graphics, ...

Sluggo III

Sluggo III SNES Memory Emulator




Apple II RoundTable: Sluggo III - Nintendo Development System for the Apple IIgs

Real Time Conference Transcript

Guest: Bill Heineman, Programmer

Company: Interplay ...


This page contains the RAM Map of the BS-X.

 $7E00AC - BS-X Token Interpreter Current Address (24-bit)
 $7E0725 - Text Settings

 $7E13C5 - Error Number

 $7E1427 - Copy Type
 $7E1430 - Current Month
 $7E1431 - Current Day
 $7E1432 - Data Type




The SNES has 2 controller ports on the front of the unit, and an "expansion port" on the bottom. Little is known about the expansion port.

A number of peripherals could be plugged into the controller ports:


The transparency on the SNES, while documented properly, made me have some headaches understanding how it works. Now that I've figured the truth (or at least I'm pretty damn close to), I'm writing a small document to spare someone else the headaches I've had if if could be useful to someone wanting ...

SuperDisc Registers

Super Disc Expansion Drive

This drive uses the EXT port for communication (while not directly plugged). Because this uses the B-Bus Memory, it can only use $21xx registers.

$21D0 - ? (Always zeroes it)
$21E0 - ?
$21E1 - NEC D75P308GF Interface
$21E2 - Sony CXD1800Q Reg ...

Capcom Music Format

This article has Japanese translations that need to be checked for correctness and have the Japanese portion removed.

This explains the structure of the SNES Capcom Sequence format / Capcom SPC format. Used by many Capcom games, this document focuses on [Mega Man X]( ...

Tototek Flash Cart

Super Flash Cart 64M for NTSC/PAL SNES

The Super Flash Cart 64M (SFC) is an 8MB SNES cartridge with flash memory and battery RAM. It comes with a separate programmer. I obtained the following information by hot-swapping the cartridge into an already-powered SNES running probing programs, and ...


DMA, or "direct memory access" is found in a number of computer systems, not just the Super Nintendo. It's basically a way for a peripheral or coprocessor to read data directly from memory, instead of requiring the main CPU to do a number of reads and writes. This is typically faster, if o ...

Bit Rate Reduction (BRR)


Due to the requests of several people, the lack of documentation in this area, and a hope to spring the SNES emulation "scene" forward, I am going to try to describe the BRR encoding scheme in this doc. Everything here, I either read in publicly available documentation, or disc ...

Polling Controller Input

In this tutorial, you'll learn to read the joypad registers and react to player input ;). We're going to need to store the player's input somewhere, so we'll declare some variables in the system's RAM ($0000-$1FFF). If you make your own variables later in this part of RAM, keep in mind that the st ...

Space Funky B.O.B.

Space Funky B.O.B.

Space Funky B.O.B. Source Code

This was originally posted on when I ([[Matthew Callis]]) originally bought these disks off eBay, but I'm consolidating all SNES related things down to


65c816 Code Snippets

65c816 Code Snippets

Hopefully useful code snippets for the 65c816.



; 符号無し16bit*8bit演算
; $00,$01に被乗数、$02に乗数をセットして呼び出すと
; $00~$02に結果が返ってきます
; A,Yレジスタを使用
; 42Bytes,9 ...

ASM Hacking for Dummies

[[!include asm_hacking_sidebar]]

Introduction ### {: #introduction}

This document was written for the aspiring ROM hacker with little to no experience in 65c816 programming. The basics have been thoroughly covered and I believe this should prove a significant aid to anyone interested in 65c8 ...

Schematics, Ports, and Pinouts

[[!redirects Ports & Pinouts]] [[!redirects SNES Ports]] This is a document intended to describe the various hardware ports on the SNES. It will not describe how these ports are used by what may be plugged into them.

In the doc below, "active", "1", "logic-1", and ...

SPC and RSN File Format


SPC is an audio format for playing native SNES audio.

SPC File Format

| | Offset | Size | Description | |:--------------------------|:--------:|------:|:-------------------------------------- ...

ASM Tutorial Part 1

So... you want to make a block that freezes Mario only when he's small? Or perhaps make a block that kills him if he has zero coins because you've played through SMW and well, there are no more gimmicks? Well... with ASM, you can easily create these type of blocks - ASM basically lets you do custom ...


Emulation History

The decompression was completely cracked on Saturday, July 19th, 2008.

[[DecompTest0.c:file]] [[DecompTest1.c:file]] [[DecompTest2.c:file]]

SPC7110 Info, Reverse Engineered by & (c) Dark Force 

New data added by The Dumper 

SPC71 ...