Testing Code

Once you've programmed a game or other bit of data for SNES, you'll probably want to try to, well, test it.


Although for most software these choices are, mostly, about preference. Most games which require Expansion Chips other than the DSP-1 may require less than favorable methods of testing (either emulation or reproduction cartridge).



SA-1 Registers

SA-1 Write Registers

Register Address Name Notes
SA-1 CPU Control $2200 CCNT
Super Ninte ...

Nintendo Music Format (N-SPC)

N-SPC Player is a common SPC player included in many SNES games. The actual player N-SPC itself seems to vary slightly from game to game. Secret of Mana's internal music format can be thought of as a counterpart to N-SPC, as can Seiken Densetsu 3. The N-SPC format was limited in terms of the sampl ...

Super Wild Card

Hardware Specification to SWC & SMC Programmer Only

  1. DRAM - 28 Mega Bits Maximum Available.
  2. SRAM - 256K Bits. (Battery Backup)
  3. ROM - 128K Bits. (Firmware)
  4. Floppy Drive Interface
  • Motorola MCS3201 Chip. (NEC 765a Compatible)
  • Compatible With IBM PC/at and XT Disk Drive System.
  • Supports 3.5" or 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive.
  • Db-25 Female Connector. (Non-Standar ...

Game Doctor

Bung Game Doctor SF3, SF6, SF7 Headers

Version 1.0 - Copyright 2003: The Dumper

The Game Doctor SF3/SF6/SF7 backup units for the SNES use a 512 byte header.

The format is as follows (all numbers are hexadecimal):


47 41 4D 45 20 44 4F 43 54 4F 52 20 53 46 20 33 "GAME DOCTOR SF 3"

This is the ID string for a Game Doctor SF header.


SRA ...

Stunt Race FX

Stunt Race FX / Wild Trax

The following information is for the US version of the game.

Track Data


Offset Description
1F4A5 - 1F4F8 Track Data pointers (3 bytes per track, 28 tracks)
28000 Menu "Track" Data
28074 00- ...



The SNES has 2 controller ports on the front of the unit, and an "expansion port" on the bottom. Little is known about the expansion port.

A number of peripherals could be plugged into the controller ports:

  • Joypads
  • The Multitap: Also know as the MP5, into which up to 4 joypads may be plugged.
  • Mouse: SNES Mous with 2 buttons. ...