XBand Source Code

Quote: Krazystyle
To the Xband Community... I've been pretty hard pressed to release these files into public domain. I wouldn't be doing this if I honestly didn't feel like maybe one day the right group of people getting ahold of these files could potentially bring justice to the original device. Attached in the following link is a zip file containing documentation of i ...

XBAND Registers

Most of the XBAND registers are at bank $FB.

 $FB:C108 - Related to XBAND Cards. (Bit 0 is a XBAND Card Check)
 $FB:C188 - ???
 $FB:C192 - ???
 $FB:C196 - Related to Dial-up. Must be #$80.
 $FB:C1B0 - ???
 $FB:C1B2 - Must be #$46 for running XBAND.
 $FB:C1BA - ???
 $FB:C1BC - Must be #$08 for running XBAND.
 $FB:C1BE - ???