SNES Development
Daikaijuu Monogatari 2

This is information pertaining to hacking or translating Daikaijuu Monogatari 2.

Compression Methods

Complex and not well explained by default and so many (only more compressed code)


Data length , Address Reference (データの長さ , 参照アドレス)

Length of data (データの長さ)

Length of DataAddress Reference
00000007b0x0081 + 7b Bytes (7b != 0x007F)
00000016b0x0041 + 6b Bytes
0000015b0x0021 + 5b Bytes
000014b0x0011 + 4b Bytes
00013b0x0009 + 3b Bytes
0012b0x0005 + 2b Bytes
011b0x0003 + 1b Bytes
10x0002 Bytes

See Address (参照アドレス)

Length of DataAddress Reference
00002b0x0001 + 2b Bytes
000102b0x0005 + 2b Bytes
000113b0x0009 + 3b Bytes
00104b0x0011 + 4b Bytes
00115b0x0021 + 5b Bytes
0106b0x0041 + 6b Bytes
0117b0x0081 + 7b Bytes
1008b0x0101 + 8b Bytes
1019b0x0201 + 9b Bytes
11010b0x0401 + 10b Bytes
11111b0x0801 + 11b Bytes

Deployment exit code data (データ展開終了コード)



This is for a non-interleaved ROM.

005278-007FFF- Free Space -———-
00C244-00FFBF- Free Space -———-
00FFC0-00FFFFROM Information———-
04CD83-04CDBE00_XXへのオフセット(+160000h)3B× 20
04CDBE-04CDC704_XXへのオフセット(+1697D5h)3B× 3
04CDC8-04CDD1??_XXへのオフセット3B× 3
04CDD2-04CDE5??_XXへのオフセット3B× 6
04CDE6-04CFE905_XXへのオフセット(+169A80h)3B× 172
04CFEA-04D16906_XXへのオフセット(+17C73Ah)3B× 128
04FA51-04FFFF- Free Space -———-
07F313-07F75F0A_XXへのオフセット(+1A7FC3h)3B× 367
09F15E-09F26B???? ADR3B× 90
09F33A-09F3ED???? ADR3B× 60
09F466-09F4DD???? ADR3B× 60
0B4996-0B4BD5人物名ADR3B× 192
0B5371-0B537Cシステム関係表記1 ADR3B× 4
0B53ED-0B53FEシステム関係表記2 ADR3B× 6
0B543D-0B5451システム関係表記3 ADR3B× 7
0B55E1-0B5601???? ADR3B× 11
0B561D-0B65E5メッセージ ADR3B×1347
0BFE6F-0BFFFF- Free Space -———-
0CD4E5-0CD520Compressed Dataデータ_ADR4B× 15
0E92B9-0E948EUnknown Offset2B× 235
0E948F-0E9DD2Unknown Offset2B×1186
0E9DD3-0EA542Unknown Offset2B× 952
0EA543-0EA988Unknown Offset2B× 547
0EA989-0EAB7CUnknown Offset2B× 250
0EAB7D-0EAE1EUnknown Offset2B× 337
0EAE1F-0EB5A4Unknown Offset2B× 963
0F02FE-0F0942Compressed Data———-
1032CB-1038A0Compressed Data———-
10CB9F-10CBA6Compressed Data———-
10D2ED-10D2F4Compressed Data———-
11314F-113195Compressed Data———-
113196-1131F7Compressed Data———-
113A30-113A63Compressed Data———-
113A64-113AD6Compressed Data———-
113AD7-113B27Compressed Data———-
1141BF-114201Compressed Data———-
114202-114230Compressed Data———-
13032D-13036CP各種データ ADR計算———-
1303AE-130426PBGM Waveform Settings———-
130D82-130D99Various data offset(+130D82)4B× 6
1312E0-1313AFSetting Waveform8B× 26
14927C-149373シーケンスデータオフセット等8B× 31
14A05A-14A18DBGM03 EMPTY EYES———-
14C220-14C6B9BGM0A OPENING———-
14FBD2-1524A9BGM13 WIND AHEAD———-
158038-15827FBGM1D SLEEP———-
160000-162B9F各種グラフィック4BPP SNES
162BA0-16391E00_01 ;Compressed Data / Image
16391F-1639DF00_02 ;Compressed Data / Image
1639E0-16402600_03 ;Compressed Data / Image
164027-1640AB00_04 ;Compressed Data / Image
1640AC-16473E00_05 ;Compressed Data / Image
16473F-164E0800_06 ;Compressed Data / Image
164E09-1650FE00_07 ; OK_BADCompressed Data / Image
1650FF-16520F00_08 ;Compressed Data / Image
165210-1655CE00_09 ;Compressed Data / Image
1655CF-16567B00_0A ;Compressed Data / Image
16567C-1657AF00_0B ;Compressed Data / Image
1657B0-1659E800_0C ;Compressed Data / Image
1659E9-165B2400_0D ;Compressed Data / Image
165B25-165C4100_0E ;Compressed Data / Image
165C42-165F2000_0F ;Compressed Data / Image
165F21-1664EA00_10 ;Compressed Data / Image
1664EB-16671800_11 ;Compressed Data / Image
166719-16680500_12 ;Compressed Data / Image
166806-1668C100_13 ;Compressed Data / Image
1668C2-16727501_00 ;Compressed Data / Image
167276-16816202_00 ;Compressed Data / Image
168163-1697D403_00 ;Compressed Data / Image
1697D5-16995304_00 ;Compressed Data / Image
169954-1699A904_01 ;Compressed Data / Image
1699AA-169A7F04_02 ;Compressed Data / Image
169A80-169C6B05_00 ; バルシャCompressed Data / Image
169C6C-169EC405_01 ;Compressed Data / Image
169EC5-16A0C205_02 ;Compressed Data / Image
16A0C3-16A57B05_03 ;Compressed Data / Image
16A57C-16A7A905_04 ;Compressed Data / Image
16A7AA-16AA1205_05 ; カラベル・ラティーナCompressed Data / Image
16AA13-16AC6A05_06 ;Compressed Data / Image
16AC6B-16AEDC05_07 ; ベルガンティンCompressed Data / Image
16AEDD-16B22605_08 ; ナオCompressed Data / Image
16B227-16B57D05_09 ; キャラックCompressed Data / Image
16B57E-16BA1E05_0A ;Compressed Data / Image
16BA1F-16BDAB05_0B ;Compressed Data / Image
16BDAC-16C06805_0C ;Compressed Data / Image
16C069-16C2DF05_0D ;Compressed Data / Image
16C2E0-16C6BF05_0E ;Compressed Data / Image
16C6C0-16CBA705_0F ;Compressed Data / Image
16CBA8-16D09305_10 ;Compressed Data / Image
16D094-16D41E05_11 ;Compressed Data / Image
16D41F-16D65C05_12 ; 軽ガレーCompressed Data / Image
16D65D-16DACB05_13 ; フランダース・ガレーCompressed Data / Image
16DACC-16DFF405_14 ;Compressed Data / Image
16DFF5-16E33805_15 ;Compressed Data / Image
16E339-16E6CF05_16 ;Compressed Data / Image
16E6D0-16E9C905_17 ;Compressed Data / Image
16E9CA-16EB8905_18 ;Compressed Data / Image
16EB8A-16ECB905_19 ;Compressed Data / Image
16ECBA-16EE5305_1A ;Compressed Data / Image
16EE54-16EFDC05_1B ;Compressed Data / Image
16EFDD-16F14D05_1C ;Compressed Data / Image
16F14E-16F30505_1D ;Compressed Data / Image
16F306-16F4AB05_1E ;Compressed Data / Image
16F4AC-16F69F05_1F ;Compressed Data / Image
16F6A0-16F86E05_20 ;Compressed Data / Image
16F86F-16F9EC05_21 ;Compressed Data / Image
16F9ED-16FB8105_22 ;Compressed Data / Image
16FB82-16FCF605_23 ;Compressed Data / Image
16FCF7-16FEA805_24 ;Compressed Data / Image
16FEA9-17006005_25 ;Compressed Data / Image
170061-17022805_26 ;Compressed Data / Image
170229-1703E405_27 ;Compressed Data / Image
1703E5-17058F05_28 ;Compressed Data / Image
170590-17073305_29 ;Compressed Data / Image
170734-1708DB05_2A ;Compressed Data / Image
1708DC-170A8605_2B ;Compressed Data / Image
170A87-170C4005_2C ;Compressed Data / Image
170C41-170DCA05_2D ;Compressed Data / Image
170DCB-170F6505_2E ;Compressed Data / Image
170F66-17110905_2F ;Compressed Data / Image
17110A-17130305_30 ;Compressed Data / Image
171304-1714E905_31 ;Compressed Data / Image
1714EA-17164905_32 ;Compressed Data / Image
17164A-17179005_33 ;Compressed Data / Image
171791-1718FC05_34 ;Compressed Data / Image
1718FD-171A4D05_35 ;Compressed Data / Image
171A4E-171C0A05_36 ;Compressed Data / Image
171C0B-171DBE05_37 ;Compressed Data / Image
171DBF-171F1505_38 ;Compressed Data / Image
171F16-17207B05_39 ;Compressed Data / Image
17207C-1721C905_3A ;Compressed Data / Image
1721CA-17233905_3B ;Compressed Data / Image
17233A-17249D05_3C ;Compressed Data / Image
17249E-17267C05_3D ;Compressed Data / Image
17267D-17283905_3E ;Compressed Data / Image
17283A-1729D805_3F ;Compressed Data / Image
1729D9-172B5405_40 ;Compressed Data / Image
172B55-172CEE05_41 ;Compressed Data / Image
172CEF-172E8605_42 ;Compressed Data / Image
172E87-17308405_43 ;Compressed Data / Image
173085-1731EC05_44 ;Compressed Data / Image
1731ED-17339F05_45 ;Compressed Data / Image
1733A0-1734E705_46 ;Compressed Data / Image
1734E8-17369305_47 ;Compressed Data / Image
173694-17389305_48 ;Compressed Data / Image
173894-173A1805_49 ;Compressed Data / Image
173A19-173BC205_4A ;Compressed Data / Image
173BC3-173DB705_4B ;Compressed Data / Image
173DB8-173FBA05_4C ;Compressed Data / Image
173FBB-17410B05_4D ;Compressed Data / Image
17410C-1742A105_4E ;Compressed Data / Image
1742A2-17444805_4F ;Compressed Data / Image
174449-1745F305_50 ;Compressed Data / Image
1745F4-17476B05_51 ;Compressed Data / Image
17476C-1748EE05_52 ;Compressed Data / Image
1748EF-174AB805_53 ;Compressed Data / Image
174AB9-174BBA05_54 ;Compressed Data / Image
174BBB-174D4B05_55 ;Compressed Data / Image
174D4C-174EDD05_56 ;Compressed Data / Image
174EDE-17509E05_57 ;Compressed Data / Image
17509F-1751D105_58 ;Compressed Data / Image
1751D2-1753B005_59 ;Compressed Data / Image
1753B1-17554405_5A ;Compressed Data / Image
175545-1756CE05_5B ;Compressed Data / Image
1756CF-17587905_5C ;Compressed Data / Image
17587A-175A2005_5D ;Compressed Data / Image
175A21-175BEE05_5E ;Compressed Data / Image
175BEF-175DAB05_5F ;Compressed Data / Image
175DAC-175F9E05_60 ;Compressed Data / Image
175F9F-17615D05_61 ;Compressed Data / Image
17615E-17629305_62 ;Compressed Data / Image
176294-1763D305_63 ;Compressed Data / Image
1763D4-17652605_64 ;Compressed Data / Image
176527-1766C805_65 ;Compressed Data / Image
1766C9-17680A05_66 ;Compressed Data / Image
17680B-17693B05_67 ;Compressed Data / Image
17693C-176AD005_68 ;Compressed Data / Image
176AD1-176CA705_69 ;Compressed Data / Image
176CA8-176E5D05_6A ;Compressed Data / Image
176E5E-17700905_6B ;Compressed Data / Image
17700A-1771BD05_6C ;Compressed Data / Image
1771BE-1773C905_6D ;Compressed Data / Image
1773CA-17748405_6E ;Compressed Data / Image
177485-17754005_6F ;Compressed Data / Image
177541-17766A05_70 ;Compressed Data / Image
17766B-17776005_71 ;Compressed Data / Image
177761-17785805_72 ;Compressed Data / Image
177859-17795B05_73 ;Compressed Data / Image
17795C-177A3F05_74 ;Compressed Data / Image
177A40-177B4605_75 ;Compressed Data / Image
177B47-177C4605_76 ;Compressed Data / Image
177C47-177D4905_77 ;Compressed Data / Image
177D4A-177DE705_78 ;Compressed Data / Image
177DE8-177F9105_79 ;Compressed Data / Image
177F92-17813805_7A ;Compressed Data / Image
178139-1782B405_7B ;Compressed Data / Image
1782B5-17847A05_7C ;Compressed Data / Image
17847B-1785B805_7D ;Compressed Data / Image
1785B9-17874505_7E ;Compressed Data / Image
178746-1788B005_7F ;Compressed Data / Image
1788B1-178A6D05_80 ;Compressed Data / Image
178A6E-178B8605_81 ;Compressed Data / Image
178B87-178D0405_82 ;Compressed Data / Image
178D05-178E2805_83 ;Compressed Data / Image
178E29-178F3705_84 ;Compressed Data / Image
178F38-17900E05_85 ;Compressed Data / Image
17900F-1791A005_86 ;Compressed Data / Image
1791A1-17930705_87 ;Compressed Data / Image
179308-17947F05_88 ;Compressed Data / Image
179480-17960C05_89 ;Compressed Data / Image
17960D-17978F05_8A ;Compressed Data / Image
179790-1798D505_8B ;Compressed Data / Image
1798D6-179A8305_8C ;Compressed Data / Image
179A84-179C5705_8D ;Compressed Data / Image
179C58-179D6605_8E ;Compressed Data / Image
179D67-179EEE05_8F ;Compressed Data / Image
179EEF-17A04B05_90 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A04C-17A14505_91 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A146-17A2DB05_92 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A2DC-17A40E05_93 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A40F-17A55205_94 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A553-17A5F105_95 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A5F2-17A70205_96 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A703-17A83A05_97 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A83B-17A9AD05_98 ;Compressed Data / Image
17A9AE-17AACA05_99 ;Compressed Data / Image
17AACB-17AC5105_9A ;Compressed Data / Image
17AC52-17AD7D05_9B ;Compressed Data / Image
17AD7E-17AEBF05_9C ;Compressed Data / Image
17AEC0-17AFF405_9D ;Compressed Data / Image
17AFF5-17B12405_9E ;Compressed Data / Image
17B125-17B1E305_9F ;Compressed Data / Image
17B1E4-17B39205_A0 ;Compressed Data / Image
17B393-17B4BC05_A1 ;Compressed Data / Image
17B4BD-17B68C05_A2 ;Compressed Data / Image
17B68D-17B84E05_A3 ;Compressed Data / Image
17B84F-17BA1E05_A4 ;Compressed Data / Image
17BA1F-17BBED05_A5 ;Compressed Data / Image
17BBEE-17BDE305_A6 ;Compressed Data / Image
17BDE4-17BFCF05_A7 ;Compressed Data / Image
17BFD0-17C1BB05_A8 ;Compressed Data / Image
17C1BC-17C3A305_A9 ;Compressed Data / Image
17C3A4-17C58505_AA ;Compressed Data / Image
17C586-17C73905_AB ;Compressed Data / Image
17C73A-17CAB406_00 ;Compressed Data / Image
17CAB5-17CE4306_01 ;Compressed Data / Image
17CE44-17D18606_02 ;Compressed Data / Image
17D187-17D52106_03 ; エルネストCompressed Data / Image
17D522-17D8C006_04 ;Compressed Data / Image
17D8C1-17DC1006_05 ;Compressed Data / Image
17DC11-17DEEC06_06 ;Compressed Data / Image
17DEED-17E1DB06_07 ;Compressed Data / Image
17E1DC-17E51F06_08 ;Compressed Data / Image
17E520-17E87A06_09 ;Compressed Data / Image
17E87B-17EBE106_0A ;Compressed Data / Image
17EBE2-17EEBD06_0B ;Compressed Data / Image
17EEBE-17F1A206_0C ;Compressed Data / Image
17F1A3-17F4A906_0D ;Compressed Data / Image
17F4AA-17F72706_0E ;Compressed Data / Image
17F728-17FA1506_0F ; 地理学者メルカトールCompressed Data / Image
17FA16-17FD5306_10 ;Compressed Data / Image
17FD54-18007F06_11 ;Compressed Data / Image
180080-1803ED06_12 ;Compressed Data / Image
1803EE-18074D06_13 ;Compressed Data / Image
18074E-180AA906_14 ;Compressed Data / Image
180AAA-180E0306_15 ;Compressed Data / Image
180E04-18116606_16 ;Compressed Data / Image
181167-18147706_17 ;Compressed Data / Image
181478-18177B06_18 ;Compressed Data / Image
18177C-181AEB06_19 ;Compressed Data / Image
181AEC-181E1006_1A ;Compressed Data / Image
181E11-18214E06_1B ;Compressed Data / Image
18214F-1824C406_1C ;Compressed Data / Image
1824C5-1827FF06_1D ;Compressed Data / Image
182800-182A9606_1E ;Compressed Data / Image
182A97-182DEC06_1F ;Compressed Data / Image
182DED-1830F706_20 ;Compressed Data / Image
1830F8-18340606_21 ;Compressed Data / Image
183407-18371006_22 ;Compressed Data / Image
183711-183A4806_23 ;Compressed Data / Image
183A49-183D1906_24 ;Compressed Data / Image
183D1A-1840AC06_25 ;Compressed Data / Image
1840AD-1843B206_26 ;Compressed Data / Image
1843B3-1846A706_27 ; 航海士スタッテンCompressed Data / Image
1846A8-1849FE06_28 ;Compressed Data / Image
1849FF-184D3306_29 ;Compressed Data / Image
184D34-18505006_2A ;Compressed Data / Image
185051-18533E06_2B ;Compressed Data / Image
18533F-18565706_2C ;Compressed Data / Image
185658-18595A06_2D ;Compressed Data / Image
18595B-185C7B06_2E ;Compressed Data / Image
185C7C-185F6A06_2F ;Compressed Data / Image
185F6B-18627106_30 ;Compressed Data / Image
186272-18658A06_31 ;Compressed Data / Image
18658B-18687D06_32 ;Compressed Data / Image
18687E-186BE206_33 ;Compressed Data / Image
186BE3-186EE806_34 ;Compressed Data / Image
186EE9-1871E306_35 ;Compressed Data / Image
1871E4-1874FF06_36 ;Compressed Data / Image
187500-18780606_37 ;Compressed Data / Image
187807-187B1206_38 ;Compressed Data / Image
187B13-187E2406_39 ;Compressed Data / Image
187E25-18812406_3A ;Compressed Data / Image
188125-18843306_3B ;Compressed Data / Image
188434-18870506_3C ;Compressed Data / Image
188706-188A1F06_3D ;Compressed Data / Image
188A20-188CFA06_3E ;Compressed Data / Image
188CFB-18909806_3F ;Compressed Data / Image
189099-1893AA06_40 ;Compressed Data / Image
1893AB-1896B106_41 ;Compressed Data / Image
1896B2-18997706_42 ;Compressed Data / Image
189978-189CCC06_43 ;Compressed Data / Image
189CCD-189FDB06_44 ;Compressed Data / Image
189FDC-18A2E806_45 ;Compressed Data / Image
18A2E9-18A5D406_46 ;Compressed Data / Image
18A5D5-18A92606_47 ;Compressed Data / Image
18A927-18AC5706_48 ;Compressed Data / Image
18AC58-18AFB306_49 ;Compressed Data / Image
18AFB4-18B31C06_4A ;Compressed Data / Image
18B31D-18B64F06_4B ;Compressed Data / Image
18B650-18B9B306_4C ;Compressed Data / Image
18B9B4-18BCCD06_4D ;Compressed Data / Image
18BCCE-18C05306_4E ;Compressed Data / Image
18C054-18C36D06_4F ;Compressed Data / Image
18C36E-18C66106_50 ;Compressed Data / Image
18C662-18C99706_51 ;Compressed Data / Image
18C998-18CCCF06_52 ;Compressed Data / Image
18CCD0-18CFC406_53 ;Compressed Data / Image
18CFC5-18D2D506_54 ;Compressed Data / Image
18D2D6-18D64506_55 ;Compressed Data / Image
18D646-18D94F06_56 ;Compressed Data / Image
18D950-18DCB606_57 ;Compressed Data / Image
18DCB7-18E06206_58 ;Compressed Data / Image
18E063-18E35806_59 ;Compressed Data / Image
18E359-18E65E06_5A ;Compressed Data / Image
18E65F-18E96006_5B ;Compressed Data / Image
18E961-18EC5106_5C ;Compressed Data / Image
18EC52-18EF6306_5D ;Compressed Data / Image
18EF64-18F2B606_5E ;Compressed Data / Image
18F2B7-18F50D06_5F ;Compressed Data / Image
18F50E-18F7D406_60 ;Compressed Data / Image
18F7D5-18FB1106_61 ;Compressed Data / Image
18FB12-18FEA306_62 ;Compressed Data / Image
18FEA4-1901D506_63 ;Compressed Data / Image
1901D6-19055A06_64 ;Compressed Data / Image
19055B-19090506_65 ;Compressed Data / Image
190906-190BEB06_66 ;Compressed Data / Image
190BEC-190F4D06_67 ;Compressed Data / Image
190F4E-1912A006_68 ;Compressed Data / Image
1912A1-19158C06_69 ;Compressed Data / Image
19158D-1918A906_6A ;Compressed Data / Image
1918AA-191C4106_6B ;Compressed Data / Image
191C42-191FB406_6C ;Compressed Data / Image
191FB5-19230806_6D ;Compressed Data / Image
192309-19262806_6E ;Compressed Data / Image
192629-19296906_6F ;Compressed Data / Image
19296A-192CE606_70 ;Compressed Data / Image
192CE7-19300E06_71 ;Compressed Data / Image
19300F-1932DE06_72 ;Compressed Data / Image
1932DF-19358606_73 ;Compressed Data / Image
193587-19388506_74 ;Compressed Data / Image
193886-193BDF06_75 ;Compressed Data / Image
193BE0-193ED206_76 ;Compressed Data / Image
193ED3-1941AC06_77 ;Compressed Data / Image
1941AD-19448506_78 ;Compressed Data / Image
194486-19481206_79 ;Compressed Data / Image
194813-194B7806_7A ;Compressed Data / Image
194B79-194E3F06_7B ;Compressed Data / Image
194E40-19514A06_7C ;Compressed Data / Image
19514B-19544106_7D ;Compressed Data / Image
195442-19571C06_7E ;Compressed Data / Image
19571D-195A2606_7F ;Compressed Data / Image
1A7FC3-1A815F0A_000 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8160-1A82E80A_001 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A82E9-1A84BB0A_002 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A84BC-1A86590A_003 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A865A-1A87430A_004 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8744-1A87F30A_005 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A87F4-1A89750A_006 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8976-1A8AE40A_007 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8AE5-1A8C7E0A_008 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8C7F-1A8E0D0A_009 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8E0E-1A8F880A_00A ;Compressed Data / Map
1A8F89-1A90E10A_00B ;Compressed Data / Map
1A90E2-1A91F30A_00C ;Compressed Data / Map
1A91F4-1A938F0A_00D ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9390-1A94F50A_00E ;Compressed Data / Map
1A94F6-1A95ED0A_00F ;Compressed Data / Map
1A95EE-1A97670A_010 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9768-1A98860A_011 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9887-1A99C30A_012 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A99C4-1A9AF30A_013 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9AF4-1A9C5B0A_014 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9C5C-1A9D4C0A_015 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9D4D-1A9E3F0A_016 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9E40-1A9F530A_017 ;Compressed Data / Map
1A9F54-1AA0630A_018 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA064-1AA17B0A_019 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA17C-1AA27D0A_01A ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA27E-1AA3D50A_01B ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA3D6-1AA4CC0A_01C ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA4CD-1AA62F0A_01D ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA630-1AA72C0A_01E ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA72D-1AA8590A_01F ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA85A-1AA9A80A_020 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AA9A9-1AAB040A_021 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AAB05-1AAC4F0A_022 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AAC50-1AADC30A_023 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AADC4-1AAEE80A_024 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AAEE9-1AB0100A_025 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB011-1AB1490A_026 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB14A-1AB2420A_027 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB243-1AB36B0A_028 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB36C-1AB4700A_029 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB471-1AB55D0A_02A ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB55E-1AB67A0A_02B ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB67B-1AB7900A_02C ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB791-1AB8A00A_02D ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB8A1-1AB9CD0A_02E ;Compressed Data / Map
1AB9CE-1ABA8C0A_02F ;Compressed Data / Map
1ABA8D-1ABB980A_030 ;Compressed Data / Map
1ABB99-1ABC970A_031 ;Compressed Data / Map
1ABC98-1ABE040A_032 ;Compressed Data / Map
1ABE05-1ABEFE0A_033 ;Compressed Data / Map
1ABEFF-1AC0330A_034 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC034-1AC1700A_035 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC171-1AC2810A_036 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC282-1AC37B0A_037 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC37C-1AC4AF0A_038 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC4B0-1AC5DF0A_039 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC5E0-1AC71D0A_03A ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC71E-1AC8410A_03B ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC842-1AC9890A_03C ;Compressed Data / Map
1AC98A-1ACAA40A_03D ;Compressed Data / Map
1ACAA5-1ACBE60A_03E ;Compressed Data / Map
1ACBE7-1ACD0D0A_03F ;Compressed Data / Map
1ACD0E-1ACE410A_040 ;Compressed Data / Map
1ACE42-1ACF840A_041 ;Compressed Data / Map
1ACF85-1AD0BD0A_042 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD0BE-1AD2140A_043 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD215-1AD3420A_044 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD343-1AD4B80A_045 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD4B9-1AD60E0A_046 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD60F-1AD7390A_047 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD73A-1AD8490A_048 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD84A-1AD9640A_049 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AD965-1ADA9B0A_04A ;Compressed Data / Map
1ADA9C-1ADBEF0A_04B ;Compressed Data / Map
1ADBF0-1ADD520A_04C ;Compressed Data / Map
1ADD53-1ADE820A_04D ;Compressed Data / Map
1ADE83-1ADF770A_04E ;Compressed Data / Map
1ADF78-1AE0980A_04F ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE099-1AE1840A_050 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE185-1AE2480A_051 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE249-1AE2FB0A_052 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE2FC-1AE3FC0A_053 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE3FD-1AE52D0A_054 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE52E-1AE6140A_055 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE615-1AE7350A_056 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE736-1AE8010A_057 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE802-1AE90E0A_058 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AE90F-1AEA040A_059 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AEA05-1AEAEC0A_05A ;Compressed Data / Map
1AEAED-1AEBDF0A_05B ;Compressed Data / Map
1AEBE0-1AED270A_05C ;Compressed Data / Map
1AED28-1AEE0B0A_05D ;Compressed Data / Map
1AEE0C-1AEF210A_05E ;Compressed Data / Map
1AEF22-1AF0110A_05F ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF012-1AF0F00A_060 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF0F1-1AF1F30A_061 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF1F4-1AF3230A_062 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF324-1AF3FE0A_063 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF3FF-1AF4A30A_064 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF4A4-1AF51A0A_065 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF51B-1AF5970A_066 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF598-1AF5F00A_067 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF5F1-1AF6580A_068 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF659-1AF6680A_069 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF669-1AF6780A_06A ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF679-1AF6880A_06B ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF689-1AF6DB0A_06C ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF6DC-1AF7450A_06D ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF746-1AF7B10A_06E ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF7B2-1AF7F90A_06F ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF7FA-1AF85F0A_070 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF860-1AF8C20A_071 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF8C3-1AF9300A_072 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF931-1AF98F0A_073 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF990-1AF9EB0A_074 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AF9EC-1AFA490A_075 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFA4A-1AFA8A0A_076 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFA8B-1AFADC0A_077 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFADD-1AFB0C0A_078 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFB0D-1AFB720A_079 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFB73-1AFBCB0A_07A ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFBCC-1AFC350A_07B ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFC36-1AFCA60A_07C ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFCA7-1AFD020A_07D ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFD03-1AFD770A_07E ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFD78-1AFDDD0A_07F ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFDDE-1AFE510A_080 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFE52-1AFEB80A_081 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFEB9-1AFF0A0A_082 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFF0B-1AFF720A_083 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFF73-1AFFA70A_084 ;Compressed Data / Map
1AFFA8-1B00060A_085 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0007-1B00360A_086 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0037-1B009F0A_087 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B00A0-1B00F70A_088 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B00F8-1B015C0A_089 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B015D-1B01C00A_08A ;Compressed Data / Map
1B01C1-1B02110A_08B ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0212-1B026A0A_08C ;Compressed Data / Map
1B026B-1B02BA0A_08D ;Compressed Data / Map
1B02BB-1B030C0A_08E ;Compressed Data / Map
1B030D-1B03670A_08F ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0368-1B03C20A_090 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B03C3-1B04300A_091 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0431-1B046A0A_092 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B046B-1B04C90A_093 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B04CA-1B052D0A_094 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B052E-1B058A0A_095 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B058B-1B06000A_096 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0601-1B06500A_097 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0651-1B06B70A_098 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B06B8-1B071A0A_099 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B071B-1B07800A_09A ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0781-1B07E90A_09B ;Compressed Data / Map
1B07EA-1B08450A_09C ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0846-1B08BC0A_09D ;Compressed Data / Map
1B08BD-1B08EE0A_09E ;Compressed Data / Map
1B08EF-1B09500A_09F ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0951-1B09B50A_0A0 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B09B6-1B0A180A_0A1 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0A19-1B0A950A_0A2 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0A96-1B0AFF0A_0A3 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0B00-1B0B690A_0A4 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0B6A-1B0BCE0A_0A5 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0BCF-1B0C3B0A_0A6 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0C3C-1B0CAC0A_0A7 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0CAD-1B0D060A_0A8 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0D07-1B0D790A_0A9 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0D7A-1B0DBF0A_0AA ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0DC0-1B0E110A_0AB ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0E12-1B0E5B0A_0AC ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0E5C-1B0EC40A_0AD ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0EC5-1B0F420A_0AE ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0F43-1B0FC80A_0AF ;Compressed Data / Map
1B0FC9-1B10380A_0B0 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1039-1B10A10A_0B1 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B10A2-1B11080A_0B2 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1109-1B11750A_0B3 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1176-1B11EB0A_0B4 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B11EC-1B12620A_0B5 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1263-1B12D00A_0B6 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B12D1-1B133E0A_0B7 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B133F-1B13880A_0B8 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1389-1B140B0A_0B9 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B140C-1B147B0A_0BA ;Compressed Data / Map
1B147C-1B14F30A_0BB ;Compressed Data / Map
1B14F4-1B15530A_0BC ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1554-1B15BE0A_0BD ;Compressed Data / Map
1B15BF-1B16190A_0BE ;Compressed Data / Map
1B161A-1B169D0A_0BF ;Compressed Data / Map
1B169E-1B17130A_0C0 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1714-1B17810A_0C1 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1782-1B17F50A_0C2 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B17F6-1B186E0A_0C3 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B186F-1B18AB0A_0C4 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B18AC-1B19300A_0C5 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1931-1B19960A_0C6 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1997-1B1A0B0A_0C7 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1A0C-1B1A810A_0C8 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1A82-1B1AEB0A_0C9 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1AEC-1B1B580A_0CA ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1B59-1B1BCC0A_0CB ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1BCD-1B1C390A_0CC ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1C3A-1B1CA70A_0CD ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1CA8-1B1D160A_0CE ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1D17-1B1D910A_0CF ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1D92-1B1DD40A_0D0 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1DD5-1B1E4D0A_0D1 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1E4E-1B1EB40A_0D2 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1EB5-1B1F280A_0D3 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1F29-1B1FAB0A_0D4 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B1FAC-1B200F0A_0D5 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B2010-1B20790A_0D6 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B207A-1B20E70A_0D7 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B20E8-1B21530A_0D8 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B2154-1B21BB0A_0D9 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B21BC-1B22330A_0DA ;Compressed Data / Map
1B2234-1B22990A_0DB ;Compressed Data / Map
1B229A-1B22C70A_0DC ;Compressed Data / Map
1B22C8-1B233C0A_0DD ;Compressed Data / Map
1B233D-1B23B40A_0DE ;Compressed Data / Map
1B23B5-1B24060A_0DF ;Compressed Data / Map
1B2407-1B245F0A_0E0 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B2460-1B24CA0A_0E1 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B24CB-1B38890A_0E2 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B388A-1B45440A_0E3 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B4545-1B514D0A_0E4 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B514E-1B5BDE0A_0E5 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B5BDF-1B62D20A_0E6 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B62D3-1B6F850A_0E7 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B6F86-1B76810A_0E8 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B7682-1B7B730A_0E9 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B7B74-1B82D20A_0EA ;Compressed Data / Map
1B82D3-1B86F10A_0EB ;Compressed Data / Map
1B86F2-1B88F30A_0EC ;Compressed Data / Map
1B88F4-1B8B230A_0ED ;Compressed Data / Map
1B8B24-1B8D0C0A_0EE ;Compressed Data / Map
1B8D0D-1B8EF70A_0EF ;Compressed Data / Map
1B8EF8-1B91030A_0F0 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9104-1B92EA0A_0F1 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B92EB-1B94C50A_0F2 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B94C6-1B963F0A_0F3 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9640-1B98320A_0F4 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9833-1B9A1A0A_0F5 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9A1B-1B9BE10A_0F6 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9BE2-1B9DA00A_0F7 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9DA1-1B9FDD0A_0F8 ;Compressed Data / Map
1B9FDE-1BA1F30A_0F9 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BA1F4-1BA3EB0A_0FA ;Compressed Data / Map
1BA3EC-1BA5A00A_0FB ;Compressed Data / Map
1BA5A1-1BA7830A_0FC ;Compressed Data / Map
1BA784-1BA9B50A_0FD ;Compressed Data / Map
1BA9B6-1BAB8A0A_0FE ;Compressed Data / Map
1BAB8B-1BAD1D0A_0FF ;Compressed Data / Map
1BAD1E-1BAF600A_100 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BAF61-1BB1320A_101 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BB133-1BB32D0A_102 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BB32E-1BB4AD0A_103 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BB4AE-1BB6BA0A_104 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BB6BB-1BB88F0A_105 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BB890-1BBA670A_106 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BBA68-1BBC260A_107 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BBC27-1BBDEC0A_108 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BBDED-1BBFFA0A_109 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BBFFB-1BC2020A_10A ;Compressed Data / Map
1BC203-1BC3AA0A_10B ;Compressed Data / Map
1BC3AB-1BC5940A_10C ;Compressed Data / Map
1BC595-1BC7770A_10D ;Compressed Data / Map
1BC778-1BC98C0A_10E ;Compressed Data / Map
1BC98D-1BCB0F0A_10F ;Compressed Data / Map
1BCB10-1BCCE00A_110 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BCCE1-1BCED00A_111 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BCED1-1BD08E0A_112 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BD08F-1BD2440A_113 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BD245-1BD4220A_114 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BD423-1BD6270A_115 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BD628-1BD7F60A_116 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BD7F7-1BD98F0A_117 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BD990-1BDB9C0A_118 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BDB9D-1BDDBF0A_119 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BDDC0-1BDFB00A_11A ;Compressed Data / Map
1BDFB1-1BE1BB0A_11B ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE1BC-1BE3B10A_11C ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE3B2-1BE59A0A_11D ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE59B-1BE75D0A_11E ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE75E-1BE80F0A_11F ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE810-1BE8E50A_120 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE8E6-1BE9B80A_121 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BE9B9-1BEA7A0A_122 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BEA7B-1BEB4C0A_123 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BEB4D-1BECBB0A_124 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BECBC-1BEE3B0A_125 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BEE3C-1BEFB00A_126 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BEFB1-1BF10D0A_127 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BF10E-1BF26F0A_128 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BF270-1BF3C80A_129 ;Compressed Data / Map
1BF3C9-1BF6110A_12A ;Compressed Data / Map
1BF612-1BF8550A_12B ;Compressed Data / Map
1BF856-1BFA7F0A_12C ;Compressed Data / Map
1BFA80-1BFCA20A_12D ;Compressed Data / Map
1BFCA3-1BFEDF0A_12E ;Compressed Data / Map
1BFEE0-1C01250A_12F ;Compressed Data / Map
1C0126-1C01E00A_130 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C01E1-1C02BE0A_131 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C02BF-1C04A60A_132 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C04A7-1C06870A_133 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C0688-1C08260A_134 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C0827-1C0A010A_135 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C0A02-1C0C290A_136 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C0C2A-1C0E6A0A_137 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C0E6B-1C10540A_138 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1055-1C123F0A_139 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1240-1C141F0A_13A ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1420-1C16080A_13B ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1609-1C17FB0A_13C ;Compressed Data / Map
1C17FC-1C19CD0A_13D ;Compressed Data / Map
1C19CE-1C1B8F0A_13E ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1B90-1C1D6B0A_13F ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1D6C-1C1E230A_140 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1E24-1C1EDC0A_141 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1EDD-1C1F900A_142 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C1F91-1C20450A_143 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2046-1C20F40A_144 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C20F5-1C21C50A_145 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C21C6-1C22770A_146 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2278-1C24810A_147 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2482-1C26350A_148 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2636-1C27A60A_149 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C27A7-1C29510A_14A ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2952-1C2B340A_14B ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2B35-1C2D0E0A_14C ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2D0F-1C2E7F0A_14D ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2E80-1C2FF60A_14E ;Compressed Data / Map
1C2FF7-1C316C0A_14F ;Compressed Data / Map
1C316D-1C32CF0A_150 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C32D0-1C34D20A_151 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C34D3-1C367C0A_152 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C367D-1C37CB0A_153 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C37CC-1C39500A_154 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C3951-1C3B240A_155 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C3B25-1C3D100A_156 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C3D11-1C3F040A_157 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C3F05-1C40E00A_158 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C40E1-1C42980A_159 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C4299-1C44A50A_15A ;Compressed Data / Map
1C44A6-1C46AE0A_15B ;Compressed Data / Map
1C46AF-1C48B30A_15C ;Compressed Data / Map
1C48B4-1C4A9E0A_15D ;Compressed Data / Map
1C4A9F-1C4CB40A_15E ;Compressed Data / Map
1C4CB5-1C4E8F0A_15F ;Compressed Data / Map
1C4E90-1C50AF0A_160 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C50B0-1C52A40A_161 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C52A5-1C54860A_162 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C5487-1C566E0A_163 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C566F-1C583D0A_164 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C583E-1C59BC0A_165 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C59BD-1C77B40A_166 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C77B5-1C90960A_167 ;Compressed Data / Map
1C9097-1CAD130A_168 ;Compressed Data / Map
1CAD14-1CBCA20A_169 ;Compressed Data / Map
1CBCA3-1CCD920A_16A ;Compressed Data / Map
1CCD93-1CE09C0A_16B ;Compressed Data / Map
1CE09D-1CFF000A_16C ;Compressed Data / Map
1CFF01-1D020D0A_16D ;Compressed Data / Map
1D020E-1D02380A_16E ;Compressed Data / Map
1D84DE-1D87790C_00 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D877A-1D896B0C_01 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D896C-1D8DBE0C_02 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D8DBF-1D905D0C_03 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D905E-1D93250C_04 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D9326-1D968F0C_05 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D9690-1D98460C_06 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D9847-1D9A960C_07 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D9A97-1D9CEC0C_08 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D9CED-1D9E970C_09 ;Compressed Data / Image
1D9E98-1DA0AC0C_0A ;Compressed Data / Image
1DA0AD-1DA2D60C_0B ;Compressed Data / Image
1DA2D7-1DA4CF0C_0C ;Compressed Data / Image
1DA4D0-1DA63C0C_0D ;Compressed Data / Image
1DA63D-1DA8260C_0E ;Compressed Data / Image
1DA827-1DAA850C_0F ;Compressed Data / Image
1DAA86-1DAC920C_10 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DAC93-1DAF1F0C_11 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DAF20-1DB08F0C_12 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DB090-1DB31B0C_13 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DB31C-1DB4B60C_14 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DB4B7-1DB5780C_15 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DB579-1DB5F20C_16 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DB5F3-1DBE820C_17 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DBE83-1DCB920C_18 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DCB93-1DD7370C_19 ;Compressed Data / Image
1DD738-1DE0740C_1A ;Compressed Data / Image
1DE075-1DEBFC0C_1B ;Compressed Data / Image
1DEBFD-1DF7730C_1C ;Compressed Data / Image
1DF774-1E010A0C_1D ;Compressed Data / Image
1E010B-1E0BB60C_1E ;Compressed Data / Image
1E0BB7-1E1CBA0C_1F ;Compressed Data / Image
1E1CBB-1E1DE70C_20 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E1DE8-1E37060C_21 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E3707-1E3F260C_22 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E3F27-1E41350C_23 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E4136-1E45D80C_24 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E45D9-1E4A410C_25 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E4A42-1E4F430C_26 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E4F44-1E54030C_27 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E5404-1E58AF0C_28 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E58B0-1E5D8A0C_29 ;Compressed Data / Image
1E7CC8-1EFFFF- Free Space -———-
1F2764-1F2FFF- Free Space -———-
1F3000-1FFDBF16×16 Font 32B×16461BPP SNES
1FFDC0-1FFFFF- Free Space -———-

Misc. Files

Compressed Image Data Daikaijuu Monogatari 2 Image Data (chip1)

Character Table Daikaijuu Monogatari 2 Table File

Sequence Data (大航海時代2 正常配列用) Daikaijuu Monogatari 2 Sequence Data

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