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Part 1

This is just a little experiment and totally unrelated to sd2snes.

I was asked to figure out the text compression used in Dragon View (Drakkhen II). Another user suggested that I record the process to show him the way I approach something like that. So I started a screen recorder and got to work.

Part 1 covers poking around in the RAM and ROM and getting a general impression of the way it works.

I recommend watching it at "Original" quality if you can since the original video resolution was 1600x1200. It will take some time until the higher qualities become available.

This video is probably uninteresting and boring for most people. It has many lengths where I simply stopped to think. Here it is, anyway. :)

SNES debugging - Dragon View text compression (part 1)

Part 2

Part 2 covers deeper tracing of the decompression, handling some special cases, and finding a dialogue pointer table.

SNES debugging - Dragon View text compression (part 2)