Another blasted Stub article

A lot of Satellaview downloads are not games of any sort. These appear to be Magazines.
Examples of various Satellaview magazines include

  • Digital publications of videogame print magazines, including Ge-mu Tora no Ooana, Weekly Famitsu Express, and NIntendo Power. There are also archives of's homepage.
  • Magazines oriented around non-gaming content, like Columbus no Tamagoyaki, which is a cooking magazine, and Gekkan Coin Toss Deck, which is about Pokemon Trading Cards. The most common ones, though, center around music.
  • Sousa Sentai Wappers, which is just plain weird.

    Magazines tend to come in two possible formats.:
  • A format designed to look like an actual book page in graphics, with a cursor used to navigate pages.
  • A format which is more graphic-based and is navigated via menus.
    There does not seem to be any notable consistency on what is used, except that usually a line of magazines will stick to the same format. (Goods Press is a notable exception to this.)