XBand Source Code

Quote: Krazystyle
To the Xband Community... I've been pretty hard pressed to release these files into public domain. I wouldn't be doing this if I honestly didn't feel like maybe one day the right group of people getting ahold of these files could potentially bring justice to the original device. Attached in the following link is a zip file containing documentation of important memory addresses, images of debug units, a few game patches, debugging programs, and the golden Xband Genesis client source code, as well as the Xband Server source code. I made a few promises to never give this information out, and I'm normally not the type of person to break a promise. But as we all age, and the Xband slowly fades into history books, and farther away from current generations minds, I feel like this is potentially the best gift that can be bestowed on the community besides Xband 2 and Xband 3. Apologies to the awesome people at Catapult, the other members of The Xband Revival Team (Nevitski, Rush, Warp) for the betrayal. But if all of our hard work can in some way be brought to fruition for a miraculous revival of the original hardware... These are the building blocks.


XBAND Registers

XBAND Patch Format