Breath of Fire 2

Breath of Fire 2 Dictionary Compression

Not as simple as it seems. Notes from KingMike's text dumper, haven't looked at the code in years.

01    : End of String
02    : Line Break
03 xx : Dictionary Table, pointers at 22DE00, resulting pointer relative to 22D000. First byte = string length.
04    : Wait for Key Press
05    : Turn Highlighting On / Off
06    : Print Leader's Name
07 xx : 4-Character Substrings at 282AC6
08 xx : Question Prompt with Signature byte xx
09 xx : 8-Character Substrings at 55160
0A xx : 8-Character Substrings at 70000
0B xx : Sound Effect xx
0C    : Delay
0D    : "Hold". Can't remember what that means.
0E-10 : Unknown, Unused?
11 xx : Change Pendant Color xx?
12 xx : "Pendant xx"?

The rest are text values.
This applies to the English versions of BoF2, both the US final and US proto. Don't know about the PAL version but probably.

Information from KingMike.