The Agenda Music Format is an obscure sound driver only found in two Japan exclusive games: The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes and Doraemon 4: Nobita to Tsuki no Ōkoku. This format features commands not present in the N-SPC sound driver, such as changing the internal main volume.

TODO: Do more documentation, I mean, it needs a lot of how commands work.

Games with this Sound Driver

Game Engine Offset
The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes
Doraemon 4: Nobita to Tsuki no Ōkoku 0x5B61 JP


VCMD Description Arguments
$D2 Tie [xx yy]
$E2 Tempo [xx]
$E3 Main Volume [xx]
$E7 Instrument [xx]
$E8 Volume [xx]
$E9 Tuning [xx]
$EA Unknown [xx]
$EB Vibrato [xx]
$EC Rest [xx]
$EE Pan [xx]
$F2 Pitch Bend [xx]
$FB Echo VBits / Volume [xx yy zz]
$FC Echo Parameters [xx yy zz]

Voice Bytes

Tie ($D2)

  xx = Tie Time
  yy = Tie Delay

Tie keeps the sound while commands happen.

Tempo ($E2)

  xx = Tempo

Specifies the playing speed of the song.

Main Volume ($E3)

  xx = Main Volume

Sets the main volume in the DSP, meaning it will affect the volume of sound effects, as well as echo volumes functioning differently.

In Doraemon 4, a main volume of $32 is used for the Epoch logo whereas the rest of the tracks use the $3C main volume.

Instrument ($E7)

  xx = Instrument

Changes the sample and ADSR based on instrument info.

Volume ($E8)

  xx = Channel Volume

Set the channel volume. The higher the value is, the louder the sound is.

Tuning ($E9)

  xx = Finetune

Sets the finetune on a specific channel.

Unknown ($EA)

  xx = Legato/Channel Cutoff(?)

Most likely sets legato or channel cutoff. Modified it in a Doraemon 4 SPC and weird things happened, so I'm not sure about it.

Vibrato ($EB)

  xx = Vibrato

Makes the sound distorted

Rest ($EC)

  xx = Resting Time

Stops the channel for a specific time.

Pan ($EE)

  xx = Pan

Sets the left and right volumes of a specific channel. This was done for stereo.

Pitch Bend ($F2)

  xx = Pitch Bend

Slides the pitch to a specific note.

Echo VBits / Volume ($FB)

  xx = Echo Enable
  yy = Left Echo Volume
  zz = Right Echo Volume

Specifies the channel and volume at which echo is enabled.

Echo Parameters (Delay, Feedback, FIR Filter) ($FC)

xx = Echo Delay 
yy = Echo Feedback
zz = FIR Filter(?)

Sets the echo details.