SFROM Format (SNES Nintendo Switch Online)

Format information for the .sfrom files used on the SNES Nintendo Switch Online app. All values are little endian unless stated otherwise.

Found at the end of the ROM file:

Start Size Description Notes
0x00 n Game Info Data This is explained later.
n 0x4 Game Info Data Size
n+0x4 0x4 Magic Number "Can1"

Game Tag Data

Hex Tag Size Value Description Notes
0x41 A 0x3? 00 00 00 Armet Threshold?
0x44 D 0x4 XX XX XX <Data> S-DD1 Data XX XX XX = Size of S-DD1 Data (Little Endian)
0x47 G 0x5 02 00 00 PP PP Preset ID PP PP = Preset ID (Little Endian)
0x50 P 0x7 04 00 00 1E 00 00 00 Flags? Seen in Joe & Mac 2
0x53 S 0x3? 00 00 00 ???
0x55 U 0x5? 02 00 00 XX XX SuperFX Clock Speed?
0x61 a 0x1 XX Armet Version?
0x63 c 0x1 XX SNES Header Location?
0x64 d 0x1 XX ??? (Added in 2.4.0)
0x65 e 0x1 XX Enhancement Chip See Enhancement Chip list values below.
0x68 h 0x1 XX Resolution Ratio 0 = 256x224 (1:1), 1 = 512x224 (2:1), 2 = 256x448 (1:2), 3 = 512x448 (2:2)
0x6A j 0x1 XX ??? Seen in Super Mario Kart & Brawl Brothers with value 0x38.
0x6D m 0x1 XX Mouse Flag Enables mouse if not 0x00
0x70 p 0x1 XX Max amount of players Seen with values 1, 2, and 4 (Super Puyo Puyo 2)
0x72 r 0x1 XX Visible Height Amount of visible vertical pixels, it stretches vertically. (0x00 = 224 by default, 0xEF = 239 for overscan)
0x74 t 0x1 XX ??? Only seen with value 0x06 and 0x07 (Super Tennis)
0x76 v 0x1 XX Volume? Always different between games

Format documentation from DarkAkuma and other SFROM SNES Classic research.

SFROM Format (SNES Mini / Classic)

Format information for the .sfrom files used on the SNES Mini / SNES Classic.


Start Size Description Notes
0x00 0x4 0x00000100
0x04 0x4 File size Includes the header and footer
0x08 0x4 Location of ROM Always 0x00000030 in official files
0x0C 0x4 Location of PCM samples Comes after end of ROM in official files
0x10 0x4 Location of PCM footer Equals file size if PCM data missing
0x14 0x4 Location of footer (below) Same as New 3DS's SNES VC header starting from 0x30
0x18 0x4 Location of S-DD1 data offset Footer location + 0x2C
0x1C 0x4 0x00000000
0x20 0x4 Unknown Footer location + 0x1B. Some kind of a flag?
0x24 0x8 Wii U Virtual Console Game ID WUP-J**X, X — title region (E = USA, J = Japan, P = EUR)
0x2C 0x4 0x00000000
Start Size Description Notes
0x00 0x1 Emulation speed in FPS 0x3C == 60 FPS, 0x32 == 50 FPS
0x01 0x4 ROM Size
0x05 0x4 Size of PCM samples 0 if missing
0x09 0x4 Size of PCM footer 0 if missing
0x0D 0x2 Game preset ID Varies between games
0x0F 0x1 Amount of players Usually 0x02. Setting to 0x0 disables the second controller
0x10 0x1 Sound Volume
0x11 0x1 ROM Type 0x14 (20) for LoROM and 0x15 (21) for HiROM
0x12 0x1 Enhancement Chip See Enhancement Chip list values below.
0x1B 0x4 Unknown Usually 0x00000001, sometimes 0x00000000
0x1F 0x4 Unknown Always 0x00000001

Taken from this gist, which was taken from this pastebin from @Cluster_M, cleaned up with anpage's own findings added in. The pastebin was originally written by pcm720 on the GBAtemp forums.

Some corrected information from DarkAkuma's documentation here

Common Info

You can find a list of Game Preset IDs used in this spreadsheet:

Enhancement Chips Value List

Found by Bosco82.

Value Usage
0x00 Normal
0x02 DSP-1
0x03 S-DD1
0x04 Cx4
0x05 Mega Man X (Copy protection fix?)
0x06 SA-1
0x07 SA-1
0x08 SA-1
0x09 SA-1
0x0A SA-1
0x0B SA-1
0x0C SuperFX / GSU